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make a difference for
pediatric cancer research:

Our Mission

"Tackle neuroblastoma and find a cure so we can bring happy and pain-free days to the children and families affected by cancer. Let's raise awareness and win the battle over neuroblastoma."
- Ryan Diem, Indianapolis Colts

Allie & Friends was founded in 2005 by Scott and Kristin Jewson when their dear friends, Brian and Keri Neff, received devastating news about their two year old daughter's health. Allie had stage IV neuroblastoma.

Over the next two years, Allie courageously battled cancer. She went through chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, isolation, radiation and surgery. In the end, the cruel disease claimed her life two months before her fourth birthday.

Allie is the inspiration behind the golf outing. Today, the Ryan Diem's Allie & Friends Golf Classic is more than 500 participants strong and has raised over $1 million in just 9 years.

The friends and families of Allie & Friends have joined together and are determined to raise money and awareness for neuroblastoma research. Our children are in a desperate situation, with little guarantee that they will survive this cancer. Cancer treatments are scary, painful, long, and full of tears and prayers. Imagine going through all of these treatments before you can even spell your name. Help us bring HOPE and a CURE to all the little children that are battling neuroblastoma.

In 2014, our goal is to raise over $150,000 and add to the $1 million we have raised so far. With the help of our friends from the Indianapolis Colts and YOU, we can do it!

We fight the fight for Allie and her friends. We hope you hear our pleas for help and join us in the fight against pediatric cancer.