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make a difference for
pediatric cancer research:

Board of Directors

Ryan & Julie Diem

Celebrity Recruitment Chair

A few years ago, I was invited to participate in the "Allie & Friends" golf outing by CNCF founder, Pat Tallungan, through a mutual friend (Coach Dale Evans). My wife, Julie, and I were incredibly impressed by the professionalism of the event and touched by the heartbreaking stories of the families affected by neuroblastoma. The organizers of the event, Scott and Kristin Jewson, have dedicated countless hours to the success of the outing and have done an amazing job coordinating over 300 people for a worthwhile cause. One of the most personally rewarding aspects of this event is that many of our family and friends have become involved over the years and have donated their time to help the cause. Julie and I hope to continue to raise awareness for this devastating disease and work towards a cure.

Scott & Kristin Jewson

Tournament Director/Sponsorship Chair and Volunteer Chair

The idea of Allie & Friends started in 2004 when lifelong friends of ours received news that their young daughter was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma and her odds of survival were less than 40%. Out of nowhere, this beautiful little girl was fighting for her life to a disease we had never heard of. We felt helpless with our friends 400 miles away; we could not help with child care of their other two children, meals, or even shoulders to cry on. What we could do is raise awareness and money for this terrible disease, in honor of Allie Neff.

Four years later, we are amazed at what this golf outing has become. The generosity and support of so many people is incredible. So many sponsors, golfers, and volunteers have been with us since our first year, and their eagerness to sign back up each year and donate more of their time and resources, simply blows us away. Allie & Friends would not be what it is today without all of the wonderful people joining in and doing what they can do to help out and make a difference.

Sadly, Allie lost her courageous battle in 2006. Allie & Friends continues on in her memory and helps us continue to fight for all the other children and families living with cancer. The money we raise goes to research that hopefully someday finds a cure and no other families have to lose their child to neuroblastoma. That is our hope and mission for Allie & Friends and why we do what we can.

Pat Tallungan

CNCF President

I became involved with the Allie & Friends Golf Outing after Scott Jewson called me and said he wanted to do something special for one of his friends whose daughter had neuroblastoma. And so the Allie & Friends event began. Scott and his wife, Kristin, and many of their friends have done a fantastic job in reaching out to so many people in raising awareness about neuroblastoma and helping to fund innovative research projects. It's not too often that you can find people like this wonderful group involved with the Allie & Friends event. They have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the fight against neuroblastoma.

I lost my son, Nick, to neuroblastoma in 1999. It is a parent's nightmare to hear your child has cancer and to know there was little funding available to support the research necessary to find a cure. Allie & Friends is a major contributor of neuroblastoma research at children's hospitals across the country. As President of the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation, our heartfelt thanks go out to all the members of the Allie & Friends committee, our wonderful sponsors, golfers, volunteers and supporters. Your participation and commitment are truly a blessing.

Greg & Diane Diem

"The Night Before The Allie" Chair

No one wants to see a child endure sickness, especially cancer. By becoming involved with some amazingly dedicated people, we felt that as a family, perhaps we could in some small way join in the crusade to find a cure for this deadly disease known as neuroblastoma. We are so pleased to have so many of our family and friends join us in this most worthy effort. We are anticipating this year's event to be the best yet.

Kari Butler

Public Relations Co-Chair

After serving as an Allie & Friends' volunteer in 2006 and 2007 and meeting many amazing families battling neuroblastoma, I wanted to expand my involvement in 2008. I took on the role of public relations co-chair with hopes to raise awareness of neuroblastoma and support my brother Ryan's mission to increase funding for pediatric cancer research.

Madelaine Reese

Public Relations Co-Chair

I am proud to be a volunteer for Allie & Friends. I work with a great group of people, dedicated to curing this cancer. My daughter is surviving the disease, and I can help spread awareness and raise money for research. Please make plans to join us at the Ryan Diem's Allie & Friends Golf Classic, you'll be glad you did. Thank you.

Chris Hayes

Auction Co-Chair

Being a long-time friend of the Diem's, I wanted to do what I could to support the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation and Allie & Friends. These organizations have become an important part of their family, and I hope that in some small way we can make a difference for the children fighting neuroblastoma.

Bill Sinacore

Auction Co-Chair

I became involved with Allie & Friends in October of 2004. At that time, Scott Jewson (my neighbor) told me that Brian's daughter, Allie, was just diagnosed with cancer (specifically called neuroblastoma). I knew Brian as well from social gatherings that he attended in our neighborhood. Brian, whom is a doctor, informed Scott that there was no known cure for this type of cancer. Scott approached me in October of 2004 and discussed with me that he wanted to start a golf outing to help raise funds for R&D of neuroblastoma to help Allie. We both called friends and business associates and told them what we were doing and asked if they would attend this golf outing called "Allie & Friends". We had only 37 people our first year which was 2005.

I am a member of the board of directors because of a host of reasons. First and foremost because no child should endure cancer. No child should have to endure this type of pain and suffering. Secondly, I am very lucky to have two children that are healthy. This cancer has no boundaries, does not discriminate based on age, color, race, religion or economic status. I hope to accomplish two main goals: to touch as many people as possible and educate them regarding this cancer in the hope that this will raise the awareness levels in such a way as to obtain funding to find a cure.